Hi there, welcome to the home of all things httpkoopa!

What started as a moniker to file all of my cosplay adventures under has turned into a resource aimed at helping people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds realize the fun in making. I personally design and create 3D models, fabric patterns, and guides that help make cosplaying better and easier.

Whether you're looking to up your cosplay game or just getting started, I hope you'll find the resources here helpful. If you ever can't find something or want my help, just reach out!

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Who is httpkoopa?

Kevin here. Long story short, httpkoopa was my answer to people at conventions wanting an online page that they could follow and tag.

As a maker at heart, I wanted to put this brand to better use and help inspire more people in the process. I developed out the name and this site to include resources aimed at helping others cosplay.

I still make it out to different cosplay events and conventions, so if you're ever around, say hi!