Tim Goodman (Detective Pikachu)


With San Diego Comic-Con on fast approach, I didn’t really have a cosplay lined up for the event. Given that one of the reasons why I started cosplaying in the first place was because it was so difficult to get a badge to the event, I knew I wanted to do something.

But what?

Looking back on many of the movies I had seen this year, I landed on a more simple design with Tim Goodman from Detective Pikachu.

Being able to see semi-realistic Pokemon on the big screen was better than I imagined. Whereas initially I was concerned about how live-action might ruin yet another property, I was pleasantly surprised by how the Pokemon brought me into the world of Ryme City and all the emotions that came with it.

Disregarding problems like how, in adjacent scenes, cars are driving on opposite sides of a single lane highway or odd plot points like those involving Torterra, the movie was quite enjoyable.


This cosplay was super easy to put together.

I added some sherpa fleece to a leather jacket I had. I then designed the two versions of the shirt Tim Goodman wears in the movie, though ultimately I went with the one resembling an “O”.

Paired with dark blue jeans and black boots, there was only one thing missing.


I used a Pikachu I had borrowed for other cosplays and made a quick deerstalker hat for him. Pikachu attached to my shoulder with magnets, of course.

Given the cooler weather in San Diego, my Tim Goodman cosplay was comfortable to wear and a fun way to cosplay, even if not intense like Omega Squad Teemo.


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