Social Stuff

Want to stay up to date about all the things I’m working on? You’ve come to the right page! Here are all the different accounts I’m on:

  • Facebook – This account is mostly a cosplay Facebook page. I hope to make it more than that in the not too distant future though.
  • Instagram – Geeky, gaming, and cosplay-related photos I take
  • Twitter – Mostly geeky, gaming, and cosplay-related thoughts that I have
  • Tumblr – Great if you like consuming content on Tumblr since there’s a lot of Instagram photos here. I also tend to post things here that don’t quite fit a dedicated blog post.
  • Deviant Art – Finished pieces with photos. I have a backlog of cosplays that need photos though, halp! xD
  • Pinterest – A collection of boards where I pin a lot of anime, cosplay, and gaming-related things.
  • – Does anyone still use this? If you do, let’s connect.

Follow, add me, and say hi! Can’t wait to chat online and maybe even in person.