Welcome to the home of httpkoopa!

If you’re new to this site, you’ve come to the right page.

httpkoopa.com is the hub for all the random geeky things I do, think, and make (including cosplays, 3d models, and fabric designs). I’ve designed dozens of cosplays and have created hundreds of designs aimed at helping others improve their cosplay game.

In short, I made this site to help you!

More about me?

Like my alter ego, Lemmy Koopa, I love to seek the fun in life and have a lot of tricks up my sleeves. Though, I’m not running out to join the circus (nor trying to get in the way of plumbers finding their princesses), I am super enthused about helping others create amazing things!

At heart, I’m an experience designer and advocate. I’m the type of person who, if you tell me you want to make a certain cosplay, not only will I get excited, but I’ll try to find ways to help you achieve your vision.

I also love to create immersive experiences for others. Naturally, one of my biggest motivations for cosplaying (what many may consider more obscure characters) is to give people the experience of connecting with characters they otherwise might not see—Hei Hei from Moana is a great example of this.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, here’s a list of different things you may be looking for and where to go on this site:

Looking for the cosplays I’ve created?

When I was listing all of the outfits I had made, I was surprised just how many I created over the years. Most of them don’t have photos (note to self: make cosplay photographer friends). The ones that do, though, you’ll find them here.

Searching for tutorials?

I’m the type of person who enjoys making more than documenting, but I’m getting better at it. I’ve created tutorials for some of the cosplays I’ve made with more on the way. If you see something that doesn’t have a tutorial and you’re still interested in learning more, just ping me!

Looking for specific fabric designs or 3D models for your cosplay?

From 3D modeled crowns for princesses to character specific fabric patterns, you’re in good hands. Check out these listings for specific items you may be looking for:

Not everything is listed, but if you click through to the shop, you’ll find everything I’ve made and uploaded. If you’re still looking for something and/or need help, shoot me a message!

Want to learn more about the materials I use?

I’ve used so many different materials and tools before, so you’re in good hands. On the resource page, you’ll find some of my top recommendations. I also ascribe to the idea of doing things the hard way to learn just what I need (ie. hand sewing before purchasing a basic sewing machine). Hopefully this makes my recommendations a bit more robust!

Just want to browse around?

A good place to go is my blog. Check it out and leave a comment or two 🙂

Anything I’m missing or just want to say hi?

Feel free to reach out via my social media profiles or via the handy dandy contact page!

Looking forward to inspiring and helping you create!