Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)


Hiro Hamada is the lead character of the Big Hero 6 series. He battles crime and attends school in the fictional city of San Fransokyo.

Big Hero 6 was one of the first animated films that really resonated with me. As a high-achieving, Asian American, now living in San Francisco; there were a lot of similarities that I saw between Hiro and me. Not surprisingly, after watching the movie, I knew I wanted to cosplay him.

Hiro Hamada was my first real foray into foam armor.

Creation Notes

Hiro Hamada’s gloves were a lot of fun to create. The gloves consisted of little pieces of foam and a slick foam buckle over black snowboarding gloves. The finished gloves, fit the oversized cartoonish look of Hiro’s hands.

Due to a lack of time, I didn’t end up creating the helmet. I was previously looking at creating the helmet from a small motorcycle helmet. I couldn’t find one that was small enough—even with the foam padding removed. In retrospect, I would probably now just 3D model and print the Hiro Hamada’s helmet.


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