Getting in the Halloween Spirit with more Jack-o’-Lanterns

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Design IconDesign October 24, 2020

If you’re interested in any of these characters, check out the templates below!

Every year, I try to design a jack-o-lantern that’s either representative of a big game for me and/or a ghost-type Pokemon.

Two years ago, I made a jack-o-lantern in the form of Kevin from Overcooked. I spent hours, trying to get that last star for each level. If you’ve ever played Overcooked, you know how much of a challenge this can be to get everything close to perfect.


Last year, I put Polteageist’s face on a pumpkin, since Pokemon Sword and Shield was about to come out. Even before catching em’ all, I knew I would love this quirky Pokemon.

IMG 8729

This year, definitely had to be Animal Crossing-themed. But what would I design from the game?

I tried thinking about who most resonated with me. After going through Isabelle, Tom Nook, Cousin, and a whole bunch of villagers, I settled on everyone’s favorite heterochromatic-eyed cat, Raymond.


Truth be told, we never got Raymond to our island paradise. We actually had a list of villagers that we wanted that we never quite got through due to the heavy grind involved in achieving the perfect island. I still would like to create my sushi bar, one day.

dodo airlines

Because we never had Raymond as our villager, the idea of designing Gulliver came up. I thought this was a fun idea, but then I remembered how much I liked the deep-voiced sea-boat captain, Wilbur.

IMG 8726

I added some aviators and painted his beak in to add a little depth.

IMG 8731

And here’s Wilbur with the lights off. Wilbur never really looks head on, so it was a bit hard imagining what he would look like as a jack-o-lantern. Still, I hope you like it!

“Roger! Lifting off November Oscar Whisker.”

Bonus: @garchiu created an amazing boba ball from Sumikkogurashi.

IMG 8730


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