Celebrating Halloween with a Kevin Jack-o’-Lantern

Design IconDesign October 24, 2018

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I wanted to share the jack o’lantern pumpkin design I recently created of Kevin from Overcooked.

There’s something about this game, which really resonates with me. Perhaps it’s the fun character design, like the unicorn wearing sunglasses or <sarcasm>the fact that I just love stress</sarcasm>. Regardless, when I was coming up with a design for my pumpkin, I immediately thought back to the¬†wickedly difficult stages Kevin created.

Wicked, food, pumpkin… Kevin!

Anyway, the design is available here in pdf form to anyone interested in creating him. It comes in three different sizes.


I also added a bark text to be done on the backside. The idea was that it would illuminate the wall behind above the pumpkin. I ended up not creating this, as the light in the pumpkin I was using was not that bright.

If you end up creating this, do share it and tag @httpkoopa. I would love to see.

Happy Halloween!

PS: If you’re interested in the electric tea lights I used, you can get them here. They’re handy because they have a built-in timer.

PPS: Here are the pumpkins that my friends and I created. Photo is a little blurry and grainy, but that’s because it was dark.

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