Printable Sphere Sewing Pattern

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Whether you’re working on a cosplay like Ball Guy or simply sewing a spherical ball chew toy, you may come across the need to create a sphere using otherwise flat materials. I

Below you’ll find a PDF that includes spheres segment numbers. These patterns are ready to print, download, or draw over for free. If there’s something else that you’re looking for, just message me!

Download free printable sphere pattern:


Each page includes a sphere segment. The number corresponds to how many of each segment will need to be cut out in order to create a complete sphere.

For any kind of papercrafting or sewing work, be sure to add some allowance to the outside so that it can be glued or sewn, respectively.

If you’re interested in how to create your own pattern from scratch or need over 12 sphere segments, check out my handy tutorial with visuals.