Ziggs Bomb

If you don’t know, I have a soft spot for the Hexplosive Expert, Ziggs. I love his explosive personality and how he can be used both offensively and defensively.

I created this bomb model to aid in cosplaying Ziggs.

There are two sets of 3D models included in this listing. One of the sets is just one piece. The other set includes the top part (that is silver) and bottom part (that is maroon). The two part set is hollowed out to reduce the amount of filament used.

Both sets have a hole at the top that a piece of rope can be installed and glued into to create a fuse.

The bomb, when assembled measures approximately 5 inches by 5 inches by 5.3 inches.

After you finish the bomb, add the skull pattern on the outside and get ready to take down minions.

Get Ziggs Bomb 3D Model File