Bay Area Cosplay Photographers (Recommended by Friends)

Cosplay IconCosplay October 2, 2018

I’ve made so many cosplays over the years. Recently, I’ve come to the realization that I should start photographing more of what I have, if not during the process of creation, after each cosplay is finished.

I know of a few great cosplay photographers, but most of them are out of the San Francisco Bay Area (I see you ThinkNu, Mineralblu, and PIYOPIO). Living in The City by the Bay, I reached out to a few friends for recommendations. They came up with the recommended list below. Thought it might be useful to publish this for others in the area looking to do the same with their cosplays. Hope it helps!

PS: I want to expand this list to include other locales, so if you have a recommended cosplay photographer, leave the recommendation in the comments! Also, let me know if there’s any info that should be updated.

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