Dapper Dans (Disneyland)

dapper dans cosplay


After being invited to a costume scavenger hunt at Disneyland, my friends and I knew we were going to dress up as something Disney-related.

But what?

Luckily, the location of the hunt and number of members in our team dictated our choice—Disneyland’s own Dapper Dans!

With the park closing earlier, the day of the hunt, we headed through Downtown Disney to the starting location inside Disneyland. Along the way, we got so many passerby’s requesting photos that security had to take us aside and let us inform guests that we weren’t allowed to accept photo requests.

Creation Notes

This cosplay was a group effort with three of the members working on different aspects of each outfit.

I worked on the hat and garter, which was made from the same fabric used for for the bowtie.

The garter was essentially a sewn tube with elastic inside of it.

The hat was a table placemat that I made slightly smaller. I cut out the middle section of it and sat it on top of plastic canvas so that it fit everyone’s head. I used the excess placemat to cover the plastic canvas, starting at the top, and added a sewn ribbon on top of that.

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