Kuvira Army Man (The Legend of Korra)


Wanting to create another cosplay from the world of Avatar, I turned to the current turn of events happening in the series.

Kuvira, was busy doing her thing, slowly conquering the world with her heavily mechanized army. I enjoyed the mech used by the army to bring towns to submission. I also liked how many of the army men looked like stormtroopers.

Because of all of this, I decided to create the masked army-man from Kuvira’s metalbending army.

This was one of the first cosplays that I created with foam as a focus.

Creation Notes

The helmet was patterned with paper then created with cut pieces of foam. I used heat to better mould the helmet. The visor part of the helmet was created from green goggles that I found and disassembled.

Metal parts on the outfit were made with thin foam that was coated with Mod Podge and spray painted silver.


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