Mega Charizard X Dragoon (Pokemon/Final Fantasy Remix)

final fantasy pokemon cosplay mashup


Playing games like Final Fantasy and Ogre Battle, I’ve always shared a fondness for the Dragoon class. Minus the fact that dragoons disappear for large parts of battle, they’ve always looked cool to me.

Dragoon Artwork XIV

When my friends decided to do a group cosplay together, mixing Pokemon and Final Fantasy, it wasn’t that hard for me to decide on selecting dragoon as my class.

Which Pokemon would I mashup with this character though?

Ever since Pokemon Red and Blue, I’ve been a fan of Charizard. After realizing that Mega Charizard X was a dragon type Pokemon, I was set.

To accomplish the feat of creating this cosplay, I first started with some initial drawings. I figured, for instance, I wanted the dragoon’s lance to be Charizard’s tail. The helmet would be modeled after Mega Charizard X’s head with the flames coming off of the side.

After having an idea of what I wanted the cosplay to look like, I set out to create life-sized paper templates for all of the foam armor parts. Using these templates, I transferred them to EVA foam. I glued the cut pieces together and finished them with a Dremel tool.

mega charizard x cosplay

Due to the short timeframe in completing this cosplay, I essentially finished Mega Charizard X Dragoon in two phases. The first phase had the basic details. This is the photo you see above. The second phase was where I added many more details including spikes to the shoulder and claws.

This cosplay involved the most amount of foam armor work that I’ve done to date. To better preserve the armor for other conventions, I also covered the cosplay in thermoplastic. It took a little longer to complete this cosplay, as a result, but the finish was well worth the wait.

Hope you like my Final Fantasy Mega Charizard X cosplay!

I think the group did an amazing job!

final fantasy pokemon cosplay mashup

Garchomp barbarian cosplay (@viiinced)

Leafeon thief cosplay (@petahhbread)

Slyveon white mage cosplay (@itsridikyle)

Mega Charizard X dragoon cosplay (yours truly)

Slowking time mage cosplayer (@garchiu)

Photographer (@duyngvyen)

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