Ball Guy (Pokemon Sword and Shield)

pokemon ball guy cosplay


Ball Guy is the quirky, lovable mascot from the Pokemon Galar region. You run into him at every gym across the land. If you talk to him, he gives you a variety of different Poke Balls and lets you know more about them. Ball Guy is basically just a giant Poke Ball with a face and a hat one top.

League Card Ball Guy

When I first saw Ball Guy in the Motostoke, I said, “New cosplay!” I was joking at the time, but as I played through the game, I took to liking the character even more.

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Long story short, I ended up cosplaying Ball Guy.

To create my Ball Guy cosplay, I basically used the skills learned in making my Bokoblin mask. The head consists of foam, fleece, and vinyl. His shoes are made out of a foam base with fabric wrapped around it.

This head was slightly bigger than my Bokoblin mask. This made it slightly harder to make sure that all the foam pieces were the same shape, but in the end everything turned out well.

Like my Onion King cosplay, I made Ball Guy’s eyes slightly bigger so as to be less creepy and more cute.

The most challenging part of making this cosplay for me were the shoes and the curl at the top of his head.

IMG 7491

I resorted to carving foam to achieving both forms. For the head, the foam hair was glued onto the sphere I made. For the shoes, I attached the finished, carved foam to the soles and stuck my Converse shoes inside—I know, not the most comfortable (but I used them for their slender profile).

When all was said and done, it was fun walking around as Ball Guy. Hearing people shouting to get a photo with me from afar and asking me to do different dances with them was amusing. The hardest part of walking around was probably going down steps.

Outside of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, I almost misstepped to an audience of con-goers. Luckily, I made it down to applause.

If you’d like to see more photos of this cosplay, I posted a few more photos on my Instagram @httpkoopa.

As always, let me know what you think!

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