Climbing Gear Link with Bokoblin Mask (Breath of the Wild)


After many long nights—losing track of time—playing Breath of the Wild, I knew I wanted to cosplay a character from the game. For such an immersive game, there oddly aren’t too many unique-looking characters. At first I was thinking of cosplaying one of the Guardian Beasts, when I remembered these three facts:

  1. One of the signature aspects of the game is the interchangeable armor system. No longer does link just have to wear just a blue tunic. He can wear a helmet, top, and bottom all from different sets.
  2. The backstory of Kilton is so interesting. I love how geeky and passionate he is about all things monster-related in the game.
  3. The climbing gear set is a godsend.

Realizing again, how helpful climbing gear was and how dorky looking Kilton’s Bokoblin mask looked, I decided that I would mash-up the two outfits to create a cosplay that could only come from such an amazing game.

Here are some photos of Link alluding Bokoblins:

Because I wanted this cosplay to travel well, pretty much everything is detachable including the horn on the Bokoblin mask, ears, and various satchels on the climbing belt.

Thanks @akumei4th, @garchiu, and TJ for the photos!


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