Alolan Marowak (Pokemon Sun and Moon)


When it beats opponents with its bone, the cursed flames spread to them. No amount of water will stop those flames from burning.

This is probably the least Pokemon-like Pokemon outfit I’ve created. Basically, it involved a baseball cap with the Marowak emblem on it (the black star), a bone club that I 3D modeled, and tank top that I modeled after a tank that you can buy in Sun and Moon.

This costume was for dancing in Las Vegas so it had to be light and easy to wear.

I had originally created a full-blown Marowak Skull head, but I ran out of days to print it in.

Creation Notes

The bone club was cut into four segments that could easily be assembled together.  The ends of the bone club were covered in tulle and had lights in the so that they would glow at night.

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