Boshi (Super Mario RPG)


Boshi is a blue Yoshi with an attitude, and the rival of Yoshi.

In Japan, Boshi’s name is Washi (i.e. “Bad Yoshi”), created by combining the word “Yoshi” with the Japanese word for bad, “Warui.” As such, Boshi is to Yoshi as Wario is to Mario, or Waluigi is to Luigi.

When coming up with ideas for the annual Bay to Breakers run, my friend and I settled on characters from the Mario universe. He went with frog suit Mario. Because I wanted to complement him and remembered that there was a unique-looking Yoshi, I decided to create Boshi as a running costume.

Luckily, the day of the run, the weather was pretty cold. I feel like if it was any hotter, I would have been sweating more than if I were just running. Overall, the outfit was well received and a few people even recognized me as Boshi.

Creation Notes

This was one of my first experiences working with spray glue, foam, wire, and fabric.

The collars, seat, and white on the chest were hand-sewn.

Kind of embarrassing, but it’s good to reflect on progress made, right? 😛

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