Pokemon Trainer (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)


Super Smash Bros. was such a big series for me that, after creating Ike as a Halloween costume, the following year I knew I wanted to create Pokemon Trainer.

My Pokemon trainer cosplay was a fun and lightweight cosplay to wear on Halloween night.

Being such a universal trainer, it allowed me to interact with a variety of Pokemon. At one point, my friends and I decided to do a photoshoot near Downtown Los Angeles. We had fun with the idea of two trainers, Pokemon Trainer and a Bug Catcher, wandering into Ilex Forest.

Check out even more photos in my Pokemon Trainer DeviantArt album.

Creation Notes

The base of the shirt was a stretchy white polo. I heavily modified the polo and added pink fabric to make it what you see.

The shoes were fabric shoe covers that stretched over normal running shoes that I had.

The VS. Seeker is a fun little detail that was created out of blue duct tape and foam.

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