Keaton Fox (Majora’s Mask)


Keatons are three-tailed, fox-like creatures whose characteristics are derived from the mythological Japanese fox creatures, kitsune, which are nine-tailed foxes. They have yellow fur and their three tails bear black fur on the tips. Keatons are said to recognize one another by the sheen of their tails, indicating subtle differences between each member.

Made this to be more festive for a Zelda-themed escape room. Our team ended up finishing first too!


My Keaton Fox Mask was 3D printed in six pieces, assembled together with super glue, painted, and hung from my shoulder.


How I Made my Keaton Fox Mask

When I found out that SCRAP was bringing their REAL ESCAPE GAME Zelda experience to San Francisco, I knew I wanted to dress up. As I didn’t know what the escape room was going to entail, I wanted to balance maneuverability with looks. I ended up going with a look that consisted of a Majora’s… View Article

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