Pokemon Burglar and Koffing (Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver)


A Burglar is a type of Pokemon Trainer that debuted in the Generation I games. They are generally depicted as suspicious men sneaking around with sacks thrown over their backs.

This cosplay came about after I wanted to create a life size Koffing. Not just content to be a gijinka Koffing with my Koffing, I looked into trainers with the poison gas Pokemon and found the Burglar. Though this was a departure from the more friendly-looking characters I had created, I thought it would be a fun cosplay regardless.


For added detail, I even created Poke Balls that looked like they were falling out of my backpack.

Here’s a photo of the completed Koffing being held by one of my friends:


And here is Koffing in all his glory with a pearler my friend @akumei4th made for me!


Creation Notes

Koffing was created with a combination of paper mache and plastic canvas. I could hold is via a large hole in its back and move its mouth. I also created an attachment on the top that I could connect to a long PVC pipe to have Koffing “float” in the air.


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