Curling Veigar (League of Legends)

reference art for curling veigar


When my friends approached me about doing a League cosplay with them for the first time, I knew I wanted something that would fit my personality. Every Winter Olympics, the main sport I look forward to is curling, so when I stumbled across Curling Veigar, I knew this was the one—plus he’s a tiny ball of evil.

I didn’t know, at the time, that this was a legacy skin, nor did I actually know much about the game.

I actually started playing to learn more about the character (and still play now and then to this day).

Sadly, there aren’t too many good photos that I have of my Curling Veigar cosplay. Here are two that @viiinced managed to capture:



Contrary to what many people thought, my head is not in Veigar’s head (it’s actually in the hat). Also, this is not a Final Fantasy Vivi cosplay.

Want to download the pattern I used for Veigar’s eyes?


Creation Notes

The only part of this that I didn’t make were the pants. I used snowboarding pants that I already had as they seemed to be about the right bulkiness.

The gloves and shoes were all modeled first with paper before I cut cardboard into the many individual pieces. These pieces were hot glued and taped together with masking tape. The large glove had a mechanism inside of it with rings and strings that allowed me to operate it.

The jacket was modeled after a jacket that I had. I patterned it out, added a high collar, and expanded the back portion of it so that the jacket would fit around Veigar’s head.

The hat was made from thick pellon, stretchy fabric, tulle, and metal wire.


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