Cilan and Pansage (Pokemon Black and White)


Nothing personal… No hard feelings… Me and my Grass-type Pokemon will…um… We’re gonna battle come what may.

It had been a while I watched the anime version of Pokemon, but I wanted to create an easy Pokemon-themed cosplay. I looked into trainers as I knew they wouldn’t involve much work to produce. I ended up stumbling on Chili, Cress, and Cilan—which was perfect as two friends and I were going to a convention together.

In the end, I ended up cosplaying Cilan by himself and tossing in a plush Pansage to complete the look.


Here are a few more photos of the completed cosplay:



Creation Notes

I created the buttons out of baked FIMO clay. I added a slot on the back that allowed them to slide over the existing buttons on my vest.

The apron and bowtie were sewn with a sewing machine. It was the second thing that I had sewn after completing my General Iroh cosplay.

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